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Mobile banking innovation of Shanghai

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The wave of mobile Internet to overwhelming the trend swept all walks of life, finance is no exception. In recent years, the mobile banking “catfish effect” is constantly innovating the financial business of commercial banks.
With the continuous line of customer behavior, mobile, all kinds of Internet finance, “scene” of financial services continue to emerge, the financial disintermediation trend intensified, objectively speaking, the traditional financial institutions operating environment is changing day.
On the other hand, the development of mobile finance has also broken through the regional and time limit of financial services. This has brought new opportunities for traditional financial institutions to develop trans-regional business. It can be said to open a new Blue Ocean.
In response to changes in the internal and external environment, Shanghai Bank’s attitude is to actively respond to the rapid development of mobile Internet technology as the development of online finance, to achieve leap-forward development opportunities “outlet.” It is reported that around the goal of creating itself as the “best online financial service provider”, Shanghai Bank plans to focus on innovation and transformation of key business areas, with online finance and large data as a breakthrough to promote the application of emerging technologies and promote product innovation. Plans to speed up the Internet financial shanghai girls and mobile payment technology innovation and application, to promote network transformation, strengthen network and electronic channels of collaboration, strengthen cooperation with Internet companies, large enterprises, the integration of resources conducive to innovation and transformation, focus on creating transaction banking application platform . Plans to promote large data applications and data mining analysis, the implementation of historical data and unstructured data based on the unified control, product marketing, product pricing and risk management, construction of large data service platform.
Strategy to give priority to the development of electronic channels
In recent years, the Bank of Shanghai from the traditional banking physical outlets, self-help equipment, online banking, mobile banking to Internet banking, service patterns continue to change. Bank of Shanghai said that this change not only to meet the growing customer demand for financial services, more to achieve their own long-term development of a solid foundation.
In 2012, Bank of Shanghai put forward the strategic vision of “boutique bank”, which is to build professional service and excellent quality, and simultaneously implement two rounds of three-year strategic planning to speed up the pace of differentiating and characteristic development. It has also defined the “Integrated Financial Service Providers for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, “Wealth Management and Pension Financial Services for Urban Residents”, “Leading Financial Service Providers in Financial Markets”, “Cross-border Financial Service Platforms”, “Best Online Financial Services Providers “and other characteristics of positioning.
In fact, the electronic channel priority development, has become the Bank of Shanghai Bank strategic consensus. June 2013, the Bank of Shanghai officially launched personal mobile banking, a clear focus on the mobile end, mobile banking, focusing on the development of electronic channel strategy. In the mobile terminal construction of convenient, streamlined online services, trading, sales platform, while exploring the online direct banking business model to accelerate product innovation, and focus on customer experience, customer scene, sales capabilities, wealth management, consumer credit, Scene innovation, features promotions, security stratification strategy and other key, mobile banking to create a mobile financial products, won a lot of praise and reputation.
Shanghai Bank is also the first batch of Pathfinder direct line of commercial banks. July 2014, Bank of Shanghai launched a direct marketing bank brand – “uplink fast.” As one of the first banks to introduce direct selling banks, Bank of Shanghai hopes to create itself as a bank with customers far away, is committed to each customer to provide more convenient and preferential financial services. On the one hand to create a new customer access channels, on the other hand to direct bank as a breakthrough, led the Bank’s IT and business process transformation, and promote the Bank’s online business transformation.

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2016 “Internet+manufacturing industry” summit

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In response to a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, the Chinese government recently introduced the “deepening of the manufacturing industry and the Internet on the integration of the development of guidance”, “Made in China 2025”, “on the active promotion of the Internet + action guidance” And other programmatic documents, will effectively promote the cloud computing, large data, the Internet, mobile Internet and other new technologies, new applications, new models and further integration of manufacturing innovation, which is China’s manufacturing industry to achieve innovation-driven, intelligent transformation, , The important path of green development is to accelerate the transformation from manufacturing power to manufacturing power, industrial power to the industrial power of the only way to change.
In this context, by the Shanghai Industrial Economic Association, Shanghai Jiaotong University support, decision-makers meeting organized by the 2016 China “Internet + Manufacturing” Summit will be held November 9 in Shanghai Dragon Dream Hotel opened. “Innovative Smart Enterprise, Practice in China” as the theme, will usher in from the Ministry of Industry and Watson Institute, China Telecommunications Industry Association, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Eighth Research Institute, Red Collar Group, UFIDA, Shanghai Fu Network Co., Ltd., Shenyang Brahma Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Haizhi Online, the United States fault-tolerant Technology (Hong Kong) Limited and other industry experts to share with you the latest industry trends.
The conference will explore the Chinese manufacturing industry based on the “Internet +” in the form of development and industry under the new high ground, the Chinese manufacturing 2025 and German industry 4.0 docking research path, China’s top ten massage shanghai relationships, trends and the development of Chinese manufacturing 2025 and intelligence Manufacturing, construction of the Internet industrial system and C2M model of the transformation and upgrading, Internet + manufacturing + how to help upgrade the financial industry, integration of intelligent manufacturing and other key topics. (Group) Co., Ltd., Hongdou Group, the Group, the Group, the Group, the Group, the Group, the Group, the Group of the People’s Republic of China, Shanghai Automotive Group, Shanghai Automotive Brake Co., Ltd., Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huizhong Automobile Co., Ltd., China Tobacco Machinery Group Co., Ltd., etc., More than 300 industry representatives invited you , A total of the Internet + manufacturing transformation of the road.

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“China Robot” certification mark

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National Development and Reform Commission, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Certification and Accreditation Committee on the 2nd in Shanghai to the world “China Robot” certification mark, and awarded the first batch of Chinese robot product certification, which marks the formal establishment of China Implementation of the robot testing and certification system. “China Robot” certification will become China’s manufacturing, China created a robot product quality mark, help China’s robot quality control and independent innovation capability, boost the robot industry to upgrade and enhance China in the global robot industry standards and conformity assessment procedures The right to speak and international competitiveness.
2016 “International Robot Testing and Certification Summit” (International Robot Testing & Certification Summit) held here on the same day. The forum is sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China, and the Organizing Committee of China International Industry Fair.
Robot is the key support equipment for advanced manufacturing industry. The development, manufacture and application of robot products and their key components have become important indicators to measure a country’s technological innovation, manufacturing and intelligent society. Reporter learned from the forum, in recent years, China ‘s rapid development of the robot industry has become the world’ s largest robot market. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data, in 2015 China’s industrial robot production was 32,996 units, an increase of 21.7%; from January to September this year continue to maintain rapid growth, production reached 5.09 million units, an increase of 30.8% over last year’s growth rate About 9 percentage points.
But in the rapid development of China’s shanghai massage robot industry still has many new problems: Although the key parts of the robot breakthrough, but still rely on imports of high-end products; some independent brand products close to the world advanced level, but the independent innovation capability to be strengthened; , Around the rapid development of the robot industry, but low-level redundant construction appears hidden. It is understood that the local leading enterprises are emerging, but “small, scattered, weak” problem has not fundamentally changed.
According to reports, compared with the world’s advanced countries, China’s robot industry standards and testing and certification system lack the necessary technical barriers and market guidance means, the industry’s overall competitiveness is low, the overall quality level needs to be improved. The forum focused on the theme of “standard testing and certification, power industry development”, focusing on further promoting China’s robot testing and certification system, strengthen the international testing and certification of robot communication and cooperation, to provide new ideas for the healthy and orderly development of the robot industry.
Zhang Qinrong, deputy director of AQSIQ, said the establishment of the robot standard, testing and certification system is the implementation of quality and manufacturing power strategy to promote the creation of China to create China’s speed to the Chinese quality, Chinese products to the Chinese brand ” Three changes “important measure. He said that AQSIQ and CNCA will jointly promote the systematization and standardization of China’s robotic testing and certification work in conjunction with the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, so as to enhance China’s core competition in the high-end equipment manufacturing field. Power and international discourse rights.
It is reported that Shanghai as China’s important economic center of the city, gathered together, including the four major international robot companies, including robot body and key components, systems integration and other key directions of all types of enterprises to form a complete industrial chain, has become China’s largest robot Industrial agglomeration. The development goal of Shanghai’s robot industry is to build Shanghai into a R & D center, a high-end manufacturing center, an industrial service center and an application and demonstration center of China’s robot industry by 2020.
Zhou Bo, vice mayor of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, said Shanghai is through the establishment of the Robot Industry Innovation Alliance and other initiatives to promote the development of the robot industry. National Robot Detection and Evaluation Center in Shanghai, will effectively promote the healthy and orderly development of the robot industry.

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2016 International Maritime Conference

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2016 International Maritime Conference held yesterday morning. Han Zheng, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee, attended the meeting. Yang Xiong, deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee and Mayor of Shanghai, addressed the meeting.
Yang Xiong, on behalf of the Shanghai municipal government, congratulated the convening of the 2016 International Maritime Transport Convention. He said that the International Chamber of Shipping is an international maritime industry event. The conference will focus on the theme of “Building a New Ecology of International Shipping”, analyzing the new opportunities and challenges faced by the international shipping industry and exploring the new trends of the international shipping industry, which is of great significance to promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the international shipping industry. . Construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center is a national strategy. Shanghai is relying on China (Shanghai) free trade pilot zone, to promote the field of shipping reform and opening up. A number of international and national shipping agencies have been settled, Shanghai modern shipping services continue to improve, the Shanghai international hub to further consolidate the status of the hub. Facing the future, Shanghai will make great efforts to develop shipping services such as shipping finance and shipping information, and strive to improve the modern shipping service system.
Aiming at improving the transshipment of water and water and the proportion of international transshipment of Shanghai container, we will improve the modern shipping collection and distribution system, better serve the construction of “all the way along the way” and the development of the Yangtze River economic belt, and better participate in the development of international shipping industry. The construction of Shanghai international shipping center will provide new opportunities for maritime enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, hoping to further deepen escort shanghai exchanges and cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
At the meeting, Vice Minister of Transport He Jianzhong, the US Federal Maritime Committee Chairman Cordello keynote speech, the State Council SASAC Deputy Director Meng Jianmin, National Port Management Office Director Huang Shengqiang, COSCO Shipping Chairman Xu Lirong respectively.
It is reported that the “Sea Davos,” said the International Chamber of Shipping annual 11 years after landing again in Shanghai, from shipping, ports, logistics, shipbuilding, finance, trade and other international shipping industry chain of more than a thousand representatives gathered , Jointly explore the new situation of the global shipping industry is facing opportunities and challenges, start the international shipping cooperation mechanism and issued a written proposal.

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Globalization and information age

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Globalization and information age, how to intelligent, Internet-based concept and technology to penetrate into every aspect of industry, to achieve transformation and upgrading? The fourth session of the China Smart City Industrial Development (Shanghai) Forum and 2016 Industrial Internet Summit, guests from all sides on behalf of the guests made suggestions. The forum is also being held in one of the theme of China International Industry Fair.

The concept of industrial Internet was proposed by GE in 2011. “The so-called industrial Internet is an open, global network that connects people, data and machines,” said Geert Immelt, president of GE.

“The integration of the current network and traditional industries from the local to the full penetration, from the consumer to the production field, from the production of innovation to the stage of model innovation.” Liu Jie, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Communications Management, said industrial Internet development is to speed up industrial And the development of new communications industry, the inevitable requirement, but also enhance the competitiveness of the global meaning of the title.

Li Haihua, deputy chief engineer of the Institute of Technology and Standards, Institute of Information and Communication Technology of China, pointed out that the shanghai escort service development of industrial Internet requires a greater degree of external cooperation, which poses a great challenge to the organization structure. For SMEs, Involving financial and cost pressures.

“Shanghai should be accurate positioning concurrency industrial Internet, the first in the country to lay the leading position in the development of industrial Internet.” Shanghai Municipal Economic Information Committee Shao Zhiqing, deputy director of the promotion of manufacturing and the Internet integration is conducive to the formation of superposition effect, , Speed up the development of kinetic energy and production system conversion.

Shanghai will focus on electronic information, equipment manufacturing and automotive, bio-medicine, aerospace, iron and steel chemicals, urban industries, such as the six-year plan (2016-2018), “Shanghai Industrial Internet Innovation Development and Application of Three-Year Action Plan” Industrial cloud, large data and other information technology around the key industries of industrial interconnection, data interoperability, the realization of the manufacturing industry to the industrial Internet “new four modernizations” (the intelligence of the key industries), through the implementation of interconnection transformation, pilot demonstration and guidance, Networked collaboration, personalized customization and service extension) mode transformation and development.

In the coming three years, the ecological system of industrial Internet will be formed in Shanghai. The city will enhance the capacity of the intelligent manufacturing based on interconnection, the ability of data-driven innovation and the dynamic allocation of resources based on organizational innovation, and strive to become a national industrial Internet innovation Model city. By 2018, Shanghai will build 30 industrial Internet benchmarking plant, cultivate 300 innovative development and application projects, the city within the framework of the construction of 3 to 5 practice demonstration base, 10 functional public service platform, and emerged more than 20 with a certain International competitiveness, to provide independent, safe, controllable system integration and solutions for service providers.

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Shakespeare history of Shanghai

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This year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Chinese dramatist Tang Xianzu and English dramatist Shakespeare. Shanghai Memorial, the Shanghai Theater Academy Library recently hosted the “Shakespeare · Tang Xianzu death 400 anniversary” commemorative escort in shanghai exhibition is different, it is a photo, kind, historical materials as the carrier, so that Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare across time and space Dialogue, and associated with the current life.

The industry recognized translation of Shakespeare’s first person is Tian Han

The exhibition is divided into “Shakespeare in Shanghai” and “Peony Pavilion” in the contemporary “two parts. “Small and distinctive is our positioning of this exhibition.” Shanghai Academy of Drama Library and Museum curator Tang Yi Pei introduction, “Shakespeare in Shanghai” section, and Shakespeare imported into China related translation books, publications is a major bright spot . These books, publications not only in China, the process of the spread of Shakespeare has many “first” significance, but also for the first time on display, the version is very rare. For example, in 1856, the Chinese people in Shanghai Mohai College engraved “Great Britain”, the first appeared to be translated as “tongs bishop” of Shakespeare, the “Great Britain” book shadow appeared in the exhibition Eye-catching location.

Among them, the most eye-catching than the play library collection of multiple versions of the Republic of Shakespearean plays translation. As the library of the opera “treasures of the town” – published in 1914 Zheng Zhengqiu “new drama textual research” is also in the exhibition debut. In 1914, Zheng Zhengqiu reorganized at the time of the performance according to Shakespeare’s story adaptation of the repertoire, edited in the “new drama research”, this is the first published in China, including Shakespeare’s plays.

One of the most detailed works on the early stage of Chinese civilization is the discovery of a new book. For a long time, due to the lack of historical data, China’s early stage of civilization on stage, what staged what repertoire has always been a problem plagued academics, Zheng Zhengqiu editor of this “new drama textual research” to a large extent to answer this question : China’s early stage of civilization is also no shortage of fine works. In his edited book, the collection of 20 was staged in China, Shakespeare’s plays. Not only that, many of these plays are Zheng Zhengqiu himself adapted, and played the role, such as “meat” ( “the Merchant of Venice”), “thief” (ie “Hamlet”).

If Zheng Zhengqiu is Shakespeare’s script into a drama story of the first person, then the exhibition of the exhibition of Tian Han translation of the “Hammond” (that is, “Hamlet”), is the first in accordance with the complete script Translation of Shakespeare ‘s Plays. “Although we are now more familiar with the translation of Zhu Shenghao, but the industry recognized translation of the first person is Tianhan Shakespeare.” Tang Yi Pei said, in addition to these two early introduction of Shakespeare’s translation, the library also has a library collection Liang Shiqiu, Of the translation. From the twenties and thirties of the last century, the complete introduction, translation and research of Shakespeare ‘s works has become an important feature of Shanghai’ s cultural publishing industry. These collections have proved Shanghai ‘s status as a “landing place” of Shakespeare in China.

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Shanghai symphonic music marriage

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October 30, Shanghai Oriental Art Center and the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra reached an agreement to “in the Chamber Orchestra” innovative mode of strategic cooperation. After the Oriental Art Center, Philharmonic Orchestra will also change the situation in the past does not have their own venues to achieve the unity of the Office of the mode of operation, and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, have their own home.

October 30, Shanghai Oriental Art Center and the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra reached an agreement to “in the Chamber Orchestra” innovative mode of strategic cooperation. In the future, the Oriental Art Center will have a local Chinese orchestra that can jointly create a brand of Chinese and foreign music. Shanghai Philharmonic also has a “home theater” which is conducive to the formation of senior playing style.

In the afternoon, a Shanghai symphonic music marriage was held at the Oriental Art Center. The Oriental Art Center and the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra signed a strategic agreement for cooperation between the two organizations. The two sides will maintain the administrative affiliation and institutional pattern unchanged under the premise of the “Office of the Orchestra” innovative model of strategic cooperation.

Shanghai Radio and Television Party Secretary Teng Junjie said that a symphony orchestra does not have their own concert hall, it is drifting, it is no root, it is difficult to really grow and develop, we have such a hand, has been moving forward , It will undoubtedly be Shanghai’s symphonic music to China’s shanghai escorts development, the construction of our own well-known concert hall development, will bring very good prospects.

After the signing of the agreement, the Oriental Art Center will be able to jointly create Chinese and foreign brands of Chinese local orchestra, in the next performance, there will be more Shanghai Philharmonic figure. To 2016-2017 season quarter power, there will be eight domestic orchestra stage perform 16 performances, including the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra accounted for 9 games. At the same time, settled in East Arts after the Philharmonic Orchestra will also change the past, not their own performance venues to achieve the unity of the Office of the mode of operation, and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, have their own home.

The future, the two sides will be based on strategic cooperation, to build a first-class artistic quality, style and diverse, to meet the needs of a wider audience of classical music new heights.

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Shanghai is the place my dream starts

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“From Taiwan to Shanghai, I only brought a small box, where I want to pursue the original dream, many years later brought back not just a box, but Lujiazui night more gorgeous dream,” as Taiwan student representative, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Law freshman Wu Yingcheng 29, said.

Wu Ying-cheng is participating in the 2016 “100 Taiwan students to see Shanghai-cum-new social activities,” the opening ceremony to do the above statement. Shanghai, 2016 colleges and universities in Taiwan freshmen and old volunteers a total of 102 people to participate in the event.

Fudan University School of Journalism 16 new students, said Xu Zhichao, separated by decades, differences exist inevitable, the future direction of cross-strait relations in which young people are very important. He believes that the development of cross-strait relations and exchanges between young people are inseparable, I hope cross-strait youth can be a lot of interaction.

The theme of this event is “Bringing together Shanghai and Blooming Youth”, which aims to strengthen the exchange and friendship between the students on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and promote the new life of the Taiwanese students who come to Shanghai to learn about Shanghai’s historical development.

Li Lei-ming, president of the Shanghai Cross-Strait Exchange Promotion Association, presented a commemorative brochure to Taiwan students. Li Ruiyang, an inspector of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, gave a banner to Taiwanese students. Li Wenhui, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government announced the official opening of the camp. .

After the ceremony, Wang Yu-shen, Vice Dean of School of Humanities, Shanghai Jiaotong University, gave a lecture entitled “The Legend of Shanghai: A Story of Shanghai” to Taiwanese students. The lectures included the origins and development of Shanghai’s city, from history, culture, Social escort shanghai perspective for the students in Taiwan depicts a sea of ​​legendary “three-dimensional picture”, show Shanghai belongs to the Shanghai culture charm.

During the two-day visit, students from Taiwan will visit the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the Chinese Art Palace, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and other classic landmarks in Shanghai, and enjoy the beauty of Shanghai.

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Public green activities of Shanghai

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October 22, the second session of the Shanghai public greening a series of activities: “green Shanghai and you – caring for children’s public action” in the Yangpu District clover cabin held. The event is exclusively owned by the Shanghai Green Office, the China Green Foundation, the Green Shanghai Special Fund and the China Mobile Shanghai Company. The Shanghai Greening Committee, the leaders of China Mobile Shanghai, and the gardening experts from the Powerise Agricultural Park, the public and volunteers concerned with the urban ecological environment, the public and the public and the public welfare, 12 groups from Shanghai Baoshan District, A total of 50 people attended.
The event was organized by a professional gardener. Through the experience of community urban agriculture parks, we try to use horticultural therapy. Activities include “Connecting and Warming”, “Connect the Green Gardening Lecture”, “Connect Innovation and Seed Painting”, “Connect Small City Farmers’ Hope” with four interactive sessions that enable children to physically touch and use gardening materials in horticultural crops Perception, understanding of the relationship between gardening and human, through gardening and physical and mental health links, so that a common concern and a group of stars flashing light of the child.
To the scene of the 12 children to actively participate in the interaction, as the encouragement, activities in each of the three links named the smallest shanghai escort girls person communication, the most beautiful gardening baby, creative small artists, excellent urban small farmers. Parents expressed the hope that such activities can be more, so that parents and family activities in close to the green, understanding of various plants, enhance people to protect the ecological environment, improve green, green awareness, communication between parents.

“Green Shanghai with you” series of public welfare activities is the Shanghai Public Green Festival second, is one of the brand activities, public initiative multi-directional, multi-faceted, multi-angle feel green, close to green, embracing the green, concerned about the ecological environment, the city Green, attention, we are as usual in the neglected groups living. As the title sponsor of the event, the China Mobile Shanghai Office and the Urban Greening Committee Office have cooperated with the China Green Foundation – Green Shanghai Special Fund to actively participate in the creation of the “Green Shanghai and Your” key public projects – green, green and green Public welfare, conscientiously fulfill their social responsibilities, contribute to the cause of environmental protection.
Hope that the “green Shanghai and you,” the public welfare activities, in the hearts of children sown green seedlings, love seeds, as well as love and attention to this community is full of warmth and strength!

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European investment big show ended war

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Following the success of the “European Investment Opportunities under the Strategy of ‘One-Stop-One-Stop'” in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Qingdao, the professional forums of overseas investment, overseas immigrants and overseas education were jointly organized by the former Hungarian Ambassador to China , Outreach overseas honor consultant Sandel Mesarosh and many other heavyweight guests, on October 23 came to Shanghai, for the Shanghai individual and corporate investors offer this European investment big show ended war.

    At present, China-EU relations are in the best period of history. European countries smell the smell of gold from the East, the tacit understanding of Canada to amend the investment policy, open the door for the Chinese public wealthy people to invest in Europe opened up more space. The “all the way along the” strategy of China and European countries will be closely linked to economic and trade together for Chinese enterprises in Europe, the icing on the cake. However, in the “going out” process, not familiar with local laws, market environment, negotiation strategies, pain points have plagued investment decision-makers.

    At the beginning of the forum, Lin Peiyun, general manager of Outsourcing Consulting Group Shanghai, made the above analysis on the current situation of European investment. She expressed that Outreach hopes to give the entrepreneurs who pay attention to European investment through the forum. Q & A, really play a role as a bridge for domestic SMEs to build a new platform for European investment.

    “The history of the European economy has taught us that economic escort in shanghai development is closely related to the geopolitical environment,” said Sandel Mesarosh, who has been called “an old friend of China.” China’s “one-way all the way” development strategy, it is based on geography, through the infrastructure to drive along the country’s economic development, this kind of positive interaction at the diplomatic level to promote the global geopolitical game and then replace the traditional geopolitical struggle innovative thinking, Will create new investment and trade opportunities for Europe and China, as well as the rest of the world. This is the ancient geo-economic thinking in the contemporary “win-win cooperation” under the new interpretation of the environment. For enterprises and individuals, “along the way” brought about by the demand for talent and capital flows are contains unprecedented opportunities for development.

    Former Hungarian counselor Suzanne Mesarosh shared the importance of culture to the win-win situation between China and the EU. She believes that in the process of going abroad, the assets in the overseas soft landing, get a reasonable configuration, depends on whether the “weather, geography, and”, by understanding the cultural differences between China and Europe to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. The strategy of “all the way along the road” brought closer the distance between China and Europe. The close communication between the tourism, commerce and academic fields also made Chinese culture permeate. Especially in Hungary, the Chinese culture is almost everywhere, only the Confucius Institute in Hungary opened 8, as well as the Sino-Hungarian bilingual public schools, the Chinese press, the Central Asian market, etc., all with a distinct Chinese imprint. It is out of the wide recognition of Chinese culture, the Chinese in Hungary, the local people respected.

    On the forum, HSBC banking and wealth strategy vice president Yu Yishi read the trend of the euro, he expects the euro will remain stable in the future, the reasons include the euro zone economic growth is slowing down rather than recession, the British out of the euro now threat to the euro and Not serious, the euro zone has a healthy and huge current account surplus and so on. Overseas life planner Jusztina claimed that the European asset investment prospects have been generally recognized by Chinese investors, in line with this trend, the European investment immigration project in 2015 by the Chinese wealthy people as a hot investment targets, through investment To achieve the dual configuration of wealth and identity has become the trend.

    It is reported that Hungary, as the representative of a number of European immigrants in order to attract capital infusion, but also continue to give more policy incentives, such as investors without education, language, medical, explain the sources of funding, not out of the country will be able to get one step , Germany, Italy and other European countries, 26 permanent green card, easy to sit on the big European, and by the government to come forward to guarantee the return of 5 years after all the investment funds, such preferential policies in the past almost never.

    On that day, Outreach to its European customers presented the first batch of outreach European VIP card. Professional, thoughtful follow-up landing service has been a unique outreach label, the scene has a number of outreach old customers that outreach follow-up landing services to ease or even eliminate their migration during the transition concerns and discomfort. The launch of the European VIP card, also represents the outreach in the follow-up services on the re-upgrade. Outside Europe customers with this card can enjoy not only the welcome service, including airport pick-up, sightseeing, house inspection, school inspection, etc., but also get 20 items worth 1500 Euro provided by Outreach Hungarian Club Set up follow-up services.

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