Shakespeare history of Shanghai

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Shakespeare history of Shanghai

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This year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Chinese dramatist Tang Xianzu and English dramatist Shakespeare. Shanghai Memorial, the Shanghai Theater Academy Library recently hosted the “Shakespeare · Tang Xianzu death 400 anniversary” commemorative escort in shanghai exhibition is different, it is a photo, kind, historical materials as the carrier, so that Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare across time and space Dialogue, and associated with the current life.

The industry recognized translation of Shakespeare’s first person is Tian Han

The exhibition is divided into “Shakespeare in Shanghai” and “Peony Pavilion” in the contemporary “two parts. “Small and distinctive is our positioning of this exhibition.” Shanghai Academy of Drama Library and Museum curator Tang Yi Pei introduction, “Shakespeare in Shanghai” section, and Shakespeare imported into China related translation books, publications is a major bright spot . These books, publications not only in China, the process of the spread of Shakespeare has many “first” significance, but also for the first time on display, the version is very rare. For example, in 1856, the Chinese people in Shanghai Mohai College engraved “Great Britain”, the first appeared to be translated as “tongs bishop” of Shakespeare, the “Great Britain” book shadow appeared in the exhibition Eye-catching location.

Among them, the most eye-catching than the play library collection of multiple versions of the Republic of Shakespearean plays translation. As the library of the opera “treasures of the town” – published in 1914 Zheng Zhengqiu “new drama textual research” is also in the exhibition debut. In 1914, Zheng Zhengqiu reorganized at the time of the performance according to Shakespeare’s story adaptation of the repertoire, edited in the “new drama research”, this is the first published in China, including Shakespeare’s plays.

One of the most detailed works on the early stage of Chinese civilization is the discovery of a new book. For a long time, due to the lack of historical data, China’s early stage of civilization on stage, what staged what repertoire has always been a problem plagued academics, Zheng Zhengqiu editor of this “new drama textual research” to a large extent to answer this question : China’s early stage of civilization is also no shortage of fine works. In his edited book, the collection of 20 was staged in China, Shakespeare’s plays. Not only that, many of these plays are Zheng Zhengqiu himself adapted, and played the role, such as “meat” ( “the Merchant of Venice”), “thief” (ie “Hamlet”).

If Zheng Zhengqiu is Shakespeare’s script into a drama story of the first person, then the exhibition of the exhibition of Tian Han translation of the “Hammond” (that is, “Hamlet”), is the first in accordance with the complete script Translation of Shakespeare ‘s Plays. “Although we are now more familiar with the translation of Zhu Shenghao, but the industry recognized translation of the first person is Tianhan Shakespeare.” Tang Yi Pei said, in addition to these two early introduction of Shakespeare’s translation, the library also has a library collection Liang Shiqiu, Of the translation. From the twenties and thirties of the last century, the complete introduction, translation and research of Shakespeare ‘s works has become an important feature of Shanghai’ s cultural publishing industry. These collections have proved Shanghai ‘s status as a “landing place” of Shakespeare in China.

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