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Well, today’s the first stop, sherry bring everyone to a household Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai is also one of the most representative buildings. Oriental Pearl TV Tower is located in Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, about 468 meters high tower. The shanghai escort building was built in July 1991, May 1995 and put into use, bear the Shanghai six sets of radio and television transmission services, area covering a radius of 80 km. Its tower has space capsule, a revolving restaurant, Shanghai urban landscape and the historical development of galleries and other facilities, 1995 was included in one of Shanghai’s top ten new landscape.
We are visiting the magic of the financial center, and then to the prestigious Shanghai Xintiandi. Shanghai Xintiandi Shanghai is having a historical and cultural features, Western integration of urban tourism attractions, Modern Architecture in Shanghai Shikumen buildings of old signs basis for the first time changed the original Shikumen residential function, given its innovative business business function, this film reflects the history and culture of Shanghai old house transformed into a dining, shopping, performing arts and other functions of fashion, leisure and cultural and entertainment center. Stroll new world, as if the clock back, like being in the twentieth century, the thirties of Shanghai, but step by step into the interior of each building is very modern and stylish, the new world to experience a unique concept, this combination of organic shanghai massage service and patchwork cleverly arranged to the formation of a Shanghai yesterday, tomorrow, today’s symphony, for domestic and overseas visitors a unique taste of culture. Here is the most able to represent the epitome of Shanghai bourgeois life. After about a few friends to work here can enjoy cuisine from around the world, or sitting in Starbucks intersection daze thinking thinking.


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