Globalization and information age

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Globalization and information age

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Globalization and information age, how to intelligent, Internet-based concept and technology to penetrate into every aspect of industry, to achieve transformation and upgrading? The fourth session of the China Smart City Industrial Development (Shanghai) Forum and 2016 Industrial Internet Summit, guests from all sides on behalf of the guests made suggestions. The forum is also being held in one of the theme of China International Industry Fair.

The concept of industrial Internet was proposed by GE in 2011. “The so-called industrial Internet is an open, global network that connects people, data and machines,” said Geert Immelt, president of GE.

“The integration of the current network and traditional industries from the local to the full penetration, from the consumer to the production field, from the production of innovation to the stage of model innovation.” Liu Jie, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Communications Management, said industrial Internet development is to speed up industrial And the development of new communications industry, the inevitable requirement, but also enhance the competitiveness of the global meaning of the title.

Li Haihua, deputy chief engineer of the Institute of Technology and Standards, Institute of Information and Communication Technology of China, pointed out that the shanghai escort service development of industrial Internet requires a greater degree of external cooperation, which poses a great challenge to the organization structure. For SMEs, Involving financial and cost pressures.

“Shanghai should be accurate positioning concurrency industrial Internet, the first in the country to lay the leading position in the development of industrial Internet.” Shanghai Municipal Economic Information Committee Shao Zhiqing, deputy director of the promotion of manufacturing and the Internet integration is conducive to the formation of superposition effect, , Speed up the development of kinetic energy and production system conversion.

Shanghai will focus on electronic information, equipment manufacturing and automotive, bio-medicine, aerospace, iron and steel chemicals, urban industries, such as the six-year plan (2016-2018), “Shanghai Industrial Internet Innovation Development and Application of Three-Year Action Plan” Industrial cloud, large data and other information technology around the key industries of industrial interconnection, data interoperability, the realization of the manufacturing industry to the industrial Internet “new four modernizations” (the intelligence of the key industries), through the implementation of interconnection transformation, pilot demonstration and guidance, Networked collaboration, personalized customization and service extension) mode transformation and development.

In the coming three years, the ecological system of industrial Internet will be formed in Shanghai. The city will enhance the capacity of the intelligent manufacturing based on interconnection, the ability of data-driven innovation and the dynamic allocation of resources based on organizational innovation, and strive to become a national industrial Internet innovation Model city. By 2018, Shanghai will build 30 industrial Internet benchmarking plant, cultivate 300 innovative development and application projects, the city within the framework of the construction of 3 to 5 practice demonstration base, 10 functional public service platform, and emerged more than 20 with a certain International competitiveness, to provide independent, safe, controllable system integration and solutions for service providers.

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