Shanghai is the place my dream starts

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Shanghai is the place my dream starts

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“From Taiwan to Shanghai, I only brought a small box, where I want to pursue the original dream, many years later brought back not just a box, but Lujiazui night more gorgeous dream,” as Taiwan student representative, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Law freshman Wu Yingcheng 29, said.

Wu Ying-cheng is participating in the 2016 “100 Taiwan students to see Shanghai-cum-new social activities,” the opening ceremony to do the above statement. Shanghai, 2016 colleges and universities in Taiwan freshmen and old volunteers a total of 102 people to participate in the event.

Fudan University School of Journalism 16 new students, said Xu Zhichao, separated by decades, differences exist inevitable, the future direction of cross-strait relations in which young people are very important. He believes that the development of cross-strait relations and exchanges between young people are inseparable, I hope cross-strait youth can be a lot of interaction.

The theme of this event is “Bringing together Shanghai and Blooming Youth”, which aims to strengthen the exchange and friendship between the students on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and promote the new life of the Taiwanese students who come to Shanghai to learn about Shanghai’s historical development.

Li Lei-ming, president of the Shanghai Cross-Strait Exchange Promotion Association, presented a commemorative brochure to Taiwan students. Li Ruiyang, an inspector of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, gave a banner to Taiwanese students. Li Wenhui, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government announced the official opening of the camp. .

After the ceremony, Wang Yu-shen, Vice Dean of School of Humanities, Shanghai Jiaotong University, gave a lecture entitled “The Legend of Shanghai: A Story of Shanghai” to Taiwanese students. The lectures included the origins and development of Shanghai’s city, from history, culture, Social escort shanghai perspective for the students in Taiwan depicts a sea of ​​legendary “three-dimensional picture”, show Shanghai belongs to the Shanghai culture charm.

During the two-day visit, students from Taiwan will visit the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the Chinese Art Palace, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and other classic landmarks in Shanghai, and enjoy the beauty of Shanghai.

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