European investment big show ended war

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European investment big show ended war

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Following the success of the “European Investment Opportunities under the Strategy of ‘One-Stop-One-Stop'” in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Qingdao, the professional forums of overseas investment, overseas immigrants and overseas education were jointly organized by the former Hungarian Ambassador to China , Outreach overseas honor consultant Sandel Mesarosh and many other heavyweight guests, on October 23 came to Shanghai, for the Shanghai individual and corporate investors offer this European investment big show ended war.

    At present, China-EU relations are in the best period of history. European countries smell the smell of gold from the East, the tacit understanding of Canada to amend the investment policy, open the door for the Chinese public wealthy people to invest in Europe opened up more space. The “all the way along the” strategy of China and European countries will be closely linked to economic and trade together for Chinese enterprises in Europe, the icing on the cake. However, in the “going out” process, not familiar with local laws, market environment, negotiation strategies, pain points have plagued investment decision-makers.

    At the beginning of the forum, Lin Peiyun, general manager of Outsourcing Consulting Group Shanghai, made the above analysis on the current situation of European investment. She expressed that Outreach hopes to give the entrepreneurs who pay attention to European investment through the forum. Q & A, really play a role as a bridge for domestic SMEs to build a new platform for European investment.

    “The history of the European economy has taught us that economic escort in shanghai development is closely related to the geopolitical environment,” said Sandel Mesarosh, who has been called “an old friend of China.” China’s “one-way all the way” development strategy, it is based on geography, through the infrastructure to drive along the country’s economic development, this kind of positive interaction at the diplomatic level to promote the global geopolitical game and then replace the traditional geopolitical struggle innovative thinking, Will create new investment and trade opportunities for Europe and China, as well as the rest of the world. This is the ancient geo-economic thinking in the contemporary “win-win cooperation” under the new interpretation of the environment. For enterprises and individuals, “along the way” brought about by the demand for talent and capital flows are contains unprecedented opportunities for development.

    Former Hungarian counselor Suzanne Mesarosh shared the importance of culture to the win-win situation between China and the EU. She believes that in the process of going abroad, the assets in the overseas soft landing, get a reasonable configuration, depends on whether the “weather, geography, and”, by understanding the cultural differences between China and Europe to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. The strategy of “all the way along the road” brought closer the distance between China and Europe. The close communication between the tourism, commerce and academic fields also made Chinese culture permeate. Especially in Hungary, the Chinese culture is almost everywhere, only the Confucius Institute in Hungary opened 8, as well as the Sino-Hungarian bilingual public schools, the Chinese press, the Central Asian market, etc., all with a distinct Chinese imprint. It is out of the wide recognition of Chinese culture, the Chinese in Hungary, the local people respected.

    On the forum, HSBC banking and wealth strategy vice president Yu Yishi read the trend of the euro, he expects the euro will remain stable in the future, the reasons include the euro zone economic growth is slowing down rather than recession, the British out of the euro now threat to the euro and Not serious, the euro zone has a healthy and huge current account surplus and so on. Overseas life planner Jusztina claimed that the European asset investment prospects have been generally recognized by Chinese investors, in line with this trend, the European investment immigration project in 2015 by the Chinese wealthy people as a hot investment targets, through investment To achieve the dual configuration of wealth and identity has become the trend.

    It is reported that Hungary, as the representative of a number of European immigrants in order to attract capital infusion, but also continue to give more policy incentives, such as investors without education, language, medical, explain the sources of funding, not out of the country will be able to get one step , Germany, Italy and other European countries, 26 permanent green card, easy to sit on the big European, and by the government to come forward to guarantee the return of 5 years after all the investment funds, such preferential policies in the past almost never.

    On that day, Outreach to its European customers presented the first batch of outreach European VIP card. Professional, thoughtful follow-up landing service has been a unique outreach label, the scene has a number of outreach old customers that outreach follow-up landing services to ease or even eliminate their migration during the transition concerns and discomfort. The launch of the European VIP card, also represents the outreach in the follow-up services on the re-upgrade. Outside Europe customers with this card can enjoy not only the welcome service, including airport pick-up, sightseeing, house inspection, school inspection, etc., but also get 20 items worth 1500 Euro provided by Outreach Hungarian Club Set up follow-up services.

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