Mobile banking innovation of Shanghai

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Mobile banking innovation of Shanghai

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The wave of mobile Internet to overwhelming the trend swept all walks of life, finance is no exception. In recent years, the mobile banking “catfish effect” is constantly innovating the financial business of commercial banks.
With the continuous line of customer behavior, mobile, all kinds of Internet finance, “scene” of financial services continue to emerge, the financial disintermediation trend intensified, objectively speaking, the traditional financial institutions operating environment is changing day.
On the other hand, the development of mobile finance has also broken through the regional and time limit of financial services. This has brought new opportunities for traditional financial institutions to develop trans-regional business. It can be said to open a new Blue Ocean.
In response to changes in the internal and external environment, Shanghai Bank’s attitude is to actively respond to the rapid development of mobile Internet technology as the development of online finance, to achieve leap-forward development opportunities “outlet.” It is reported that around the goal of creating itself as the “best online financial service provider”, Shanghai Bank plans to focus on innovation and transformation of key business areas, with online finance and large data as a breakthrough to promote the application of emerging technologies and promote product innovation. Plans to speed up the Internet financial shanghai girls and mobile payment technology innovation and application, to promote network transformation, strengthen network and electronic channels of collaboration, strengthen cooperation with Internet companies, large enterprises, the integration of resources conducive to innovation and transformation, focus on creating transaction banking application platform . Plans to promote large data applications and data mining analysis, the implementation of historical data and unstructured data based on the unified control, product marketing, product pricing and risk management, construction of large data service platform.
Strategy to give priority to the development of electronic channels
In recent years, the Bank of Shanghai from the traditional banking physical outlets, self-help equipment, online banking, mobile banking to Internet banking, service patterns continue to change. Bank of Shanghai said that this change not only to meet the growing customer demand for financial services, more to achieve their own long-term development of a solid foundation.
In 2012, Bank of Shanghai put forward the strategic vision of “boutique bank”, which is to build professional service and excellent quality, and simultaneously implement two rounds of three-year strategic planning to speed up the pace of differentiating and characteristic development. It has also defined the “Integrated Financial Service Providers for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, “Wealth Management and Pension Financial Services for Urban Residents”, “Leading Financial Service Providers in Financial Markets”, “Cross-border Financial Service Platforms”, “Best Online Financial Services Providers “and other characteristics of positioning.
In fact, the electronic channel priority development, has become the Bank of Shanghai Bank strategic consensus. June 2013, the Bank of Shanghai officially launched personal mobile banking, a clear focus on the mobile end, mobile banking, focusing on the development of electronic channel strategy. In the mobile terminal construction of convenient, streamlined online services, trading, sales platform, while exploring the online direct banking business model to accelerate product innovation, and focus on customer experience, customer scene, sales capabilities, wealth management, consumer credit, Scene innovation, features promotions, security stratification strategy and other key, mobile banking to create a mobile financial products, won a lot of praise and reputation.
Shanghai Bank is also the first batch of Pathfinder direct line of commercial banks. July 2014, Bank of Shanghai launched a direct marketing bank brand – “uplink fast.” As one of the first banks to introduce direct selling banks, Bank of Shanghai hopes to create itself as a bank with customers far away, is committed to each customer to provide more convenient and preferential financial services. On the one hand to create a new customer access channels, on the other hand to direct bank as a breakthrough, led the Bank’s IT and business process transformation, and promote the Bank’s online business transformation.

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