2016 “Internet+manufacturing industry” summit

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2016 “Internet+manufacturing industry” summit

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In response to a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, the Chinese government recently introduced the “deepening of the manufacturing industry and the Internet on the integration of the development of guidance”, “Made in China 2025”, “on the active promotion of the Internet + action guidance” And other programmatic documents, will effectively promote the cloud computing, large data, the Internet, mobile Internet and other new technologies, new applications, new models and further integration of manufacturing innovation, which is China’s manufacturing industry to achieve innovation-driven, intelligent transformation, , The important path of green development is to accelerate the transformation from manufacturing power to manufacturing power, industrial power to the industrial power of the only way to change.
In this context, by the Shanghai Industrial Economic Association, Shanghai Jiaotong University support, decision-makers meeting organized by the 2016 China “Internet + Manufacturing” Summit will be held November 9 in Shanghai Dragon Dream Hotel opened. “Innovative Smart Enterprise, Practice in China” as the theme, will usher in from the Ministry of Industry and Watson Institute, China Telecommunications Industry Association, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Eighth Research Institute, Red Collar Group, UFIDA, Shanghai Fu Network Co., Ltd., Shenyang Brahma Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Haizhi Online, the United States fault-tolerant Technology (Hong Kong) Limited and other industry experts to share with you the latest industry trends.
The conference will explore the Chinese manufacturing industry based on the “Internet +” in the form of development and industry under the new high ground, the Chinese manufacturing 2025 and German industry 4.0 docking research path, China’s top ten massage shanghai relationships, trends and the development of Chinese manufacturing 2025 and intelligence Manufacturing, construction of the Internet industrial system and C2M model of the transformation and upgrading, Internet + manufacturing + how to help upgrade the financial industry, integration of intelligent manufacturing and other key topics. (Group) Co., Ltd., Hongdou Group, the Group, the Group, the Group, the Group, the Group, the Group, the Group of the People’s Republic of China, Shanghai Automotive Group, Shanghai Automotive Brake Co., Ltd., Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huizhong Automobile Co., Ltd., China Tobacco Machinery Group Co., Ltd., etc., More than 300 industry representatives invited you , A total of the Internet + manufacturing transformation of the road.

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