Public green activities of Shanghai

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Public green activities of Shanghai

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October 22, the second session of the Shanghai public greening a series of activities: “green Shanghai and you – caring for children’s public action” in the Yangpu District clover cabin held. The event is exclusively owned by the Shanghai Green Office, the China Green Foundation, the Green Shanghai Special Fund and the China Mobile Shanghai Company. The Shanghai Greening Committee, the leaders of China Mobile Shanghai, and the gardening experts from the Powerise Agricultural Park, the public and volunteers concerned with the urban ecological environment, the public and the public and the public welfare, 12 groups from Shanghai Baoshan District, A total of 50 people attended.
The event was organized by a professional gardener. Through the experience of community urban agriculture parks, we try to use horticultural therapy. Activities include “Connecting and Warming”, “Connect the Green Gardening Lecture”, “Connect Innovation and Seed Painting”, “Connect Small City Farmers’ Hope” with four interactive sessions that enable children to physically touch and use gardening materials in horticultural crops Perception, understanding of the relationship between gardening and human, through gardening and physical and mental health links, so that a common concern and a group of stars flashing light of the child.
To the scene of the 12 children to actively participate in the interaction, as the encouragement, activities in each of the three links named the smallest shanghai escort girls person communication, the most beautiful gardening baby, creative small artists, excellent urban small farmers. Parents expressed the hope that such activities can be more, so that parents and family activities in close to the green, understanding of various plants, enhance people to protect the ecological environment, improve green, green awareness, communication between parents.

“Green Shanghai with you” series of public welfare activities is the Shanghai Public Green Festival second, is one of the brand activities, public initiative multi-directional, multi-faceted, multi-angle feel green, close to green, embracing the green, concerned about the ecological environment, the city Green, attention, we are as usual in the neglected groups living. As the title sponsor of the event, the China Mobile Shanghai Office and the Urban Greening Committee Office have cooperated with the China Green Foundation – Green Shanghai Special Fund to actively participate in the creation of the “Green Shanghai and Your” key public projects – green, green and green Public welfare, conscientiously fulfill their social responsibilities, contribute to the cause of environmental protection.
Hope that the “green Shanghai and you,” the public welfare activities, in the hearts of children sown green seedlings, love seeds, as well as love and attention to this community is full of warmth and strength!

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