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Austrian Culture Day Was Held At Shanghai

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“2016 International Jingan Culture Year and Austrian Culture Day” was jointly organized by the Austrian Consulate General in Shanghai and Shanghai Hyun World Culture Promotion Center in Shanghai Jing’an Park.

Austrian known as the heart of Europe, with beautiful lakes and mountains, magnificent castle palace, elegant atmosphere of classical music.

The Austrian cultural day highlights the different types of music and dance performances and photography exhibition to show Austria’s colorful culture and the arts, the public can not Shanghai, appreciate the variety of food from Austria to the tongue on the experience “Approached Austria”, a taste of its splendid culture style.

At the same time the Austrian cultural day activities also introduced Austria Sisi princess, Austrian classical music prodigy Mozart and many other famous characters. Showing a variety of Austrian non-material cultural heritage, performing brilliant.

The organizers also invited the former US president to play in the Shanghai foreign orchestra live classical European classical music repertoire, as well as music, arts and social welfare as one of the charity platform EPPI Austria pop music performances, to increase the cultural activities Points and highlights.

On the same day, the Commercial Office of the Austrian Consulate General in Shanghai provided all relevant information on Austrian tourism and other aspects. The Vienna Tourism Board and the Tourism Commission of Tirol distributed brochures and small gifts to the visitors, and the Shanghai Austria Center (Student Exchange Office ) Provides information on studying German in Shanghai, obtaining German language certificates and studying in Austria, and arranging to introduce visitors to “Austrian German”, as well as knowledge contest, lottery and so on.

Shanghai Hyun World Culture Promotion Center and the Austrian Consul General in Shanghai, the Austrian Deputy Consul in Shanghai and Jing’an District Government relevant person in charge of the event, they hope that through the activities of urban tourism, cultural and creative related developments.

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International Women’s Half Maratho

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This morning, Lumi 2016 Shanghai Pudong International Women’s Half Marathon in the Oriental Pearl Tower fired under the gun. Five thousand female runners in good health, ran Lujiazui financial center, Expo Boulevard, Mercedes-Benz Center, the former Beach Avenue and other landmarks in Pudong, and finally arrived at the “Crown of the sea,” said the Oriental Sports Center.

In the end, the Kenya players Liotuo Tuokai Yi Kuitai 1 hour 16 minutes 54 seconds won the tournament champion; Chinese players Li Zhixuan with 1 hour 17 minutes and 55 seconds results runner-up; In Kenya players Che Lutuo Lena, score of 1 hour 18 minutes 45 seconds.

It is reported that the Lumi 2016 Shanghai Pudong International Women’s Half Marathon by the Chinese Athletics Association, the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau and the Pudong New Area People’s Government jointly organized by the Pudong New Area Sports Bureau and the International Sports Management Co., Ltd. Zhonghui sponsor the sporting event. A total of 5,000 teams were set up in two shanghai escort groups, the International Standard Half Marathon (21.0975 km) and the 8-mile (approximately 12 km) experience. The international standard half-way entry number of 4,000 people, 8 miles of 1000 players, foreign players 45 people, including three professional marathon players. All the contestants are women, with the slogan “Run for More Beauty”, calling women to be healthy and beautiful in their self-challenge to themselves, to transform themselves into new life and bloom more confident and self-confident.

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Britain introduced the “Shanghai teaching method”

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British schools have a variety of styles, and some schools do not even have specialized math teachers. Britain introduced the “Shanghai teaching method”, with experimental nature, if the effect is not ideal, the future adjustment is almost inevitable.
This year in July, the British government officially started in 50% of England’s primary school quotes “Shanghai mathematics teaching method”. According to the Financial Times report in July this year, the British government allocated 41 million pounds of funds to help more than 8,000 primary schools to implement the reform, training 700 so-called “proficient in mathematics” teachers, and the introduction of new materials.
Such a big move, it is estimated that many people will feel surprised, because people in the impression that we are not all learning in developed countries, teaching methods? How can developed countries such as the United Kingdom be so under the force of learning Chinese education methods? Our examination-oriented education is not always been criticized by the people do?
In fact, although there is something unexpected, but do not be too surprised, the United Kingdom on the introduction of China’s education methods, education in the context of globalization, the exchange of normalcy.
First of all, globalization, including the idea of ​​education, including ideas sparks collide with each other, but also learn from each other. In August this year, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has broadcast educational documentary “Chinese schools: our children are strong enough? “, The documentary of five Chinese teachers to the United Kingdom Bo Hengte Middle School (Bohunt School) run the” Chinese School “(Chinese School), the five teachers to Chinese-style teaching methods to 50 English students, and then with the British teaching Law students to test the competition, to see what kind of educational methods more effective. In fact, this is mutual exchange and reference. Five years ago, some people in the “New York Times” wrote that China should learn the experience of education, that the United States children can not worship the class “clown” or athletes, but should be the wisdom of talent.
Second, at all times and in all countries, there is no positioning in a way of education, especially when the demands of educational outcomes are inconsistent, even more so. Just as the British implementation of the “Shanghai Teaching Law” is a reflection of the steady decline of British students over the past few years in the results of the OECD International Student Assessment Program (Pisa) test, such as 2010 Year, Shanghai ranked No. 1, the UK ranked 20; 2013, Shanghai again, the UK ranked 26. This test results, the British education sector and political impact, causing a lot of British reflection. According to statistics, the British 15-year-old students will not be the basic operation of the ratio of China Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong, China more than 10 percentage points higher, the Government hopes that the Asian teaching method can improve the national computing power.
Third, there are a variety of schools in the UK, not only public schools, independent schools, Grammar schools, Comprehensive Schools and Progressive Schools, There are no uniform teaching methods, no uniform syllabus, and often no special math teacher, but a teacher speaks a few courses, so in this sense, the United Kingdom The introduction of “Shanghai teaching method”, with experimental nature, if the effect is not ideal, the future adjustment is almost inevitable.
Finally, we can see that the introduction itself is not without controversy in the UK, as the BBC documentary producer in the commentary said: “Chinese education based on authority, discipline and ruthless competition in the UK schools, children The center of the culture dominated, the two distinct. “Some British scholars have accused the British government over-emphasis on PISA test, the introduction of the Shanghai examination method as the goal of the test. In other words, not everyone recognized this practice, nor is it like us “overall unified deployment”, but some do not.
In short, each mode of education and education methods have advantages and disadvantages, but more or more disadvantages are probably able to assess out, “Shanghai teaching method” is not introduced to the UK does not prove that it must be bad, but was introduced To the United Kingdom does not prove that it does not have any problems. In the context of globalization of education, various educational methods and methods, as well as the exchange of ideas between education and learning from each other, is the norm of the education sector. Learning from other countries is not the reason why China no longer learns from other countries. We still need to continue to learn from other countries, including the fine areas of education.
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Toy Fair at Shanghai

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Play Fair, organized by the China Toy and Baby Products Association, an interactive experience-style carnival, is unique in the domestic category of the show. It is understood that the Expo was held in 2010, the previous seven are held in Beijing, has attracted 700,000 pregnant mother and child family participation. This year’s play Fair after seven years after the October 22-23 will be the first landing in Shanghai, to the magic of the mother’s father and father and father and child bring excess benefits.

It is understood that the Shanghai Fair will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, 3 million square meters of ultra-large-scale, more than 20 countries, more than 200 toys and baby goods brand, massive products, ultra-large-scale, are fully revealing this Time to play the strength and highlights of Fair. More exciting is that the exhibition site will be “entertainment and athletics, parent-child interaction, capacity-building, cartoon parade, knowledge Qiaodao, value gifts, Madden discount” and other elements of integration, planning the “Indiana Jones gold coins I call the shots” , “Family Fun Stage”, “Parent-child Big-lying”, “Elite Mama Forum” and other activities, is a unique parent-child carnival feast.

In these activities, the “Indiana Jones” event is the organizers of the Chinese toys and baby supplies Association together with the industry well-known brands planned to “my gold coins I call the shots” as the theme, the simple game washed off into the gift Exchange, lucky draw and other elements, designed to give full play to the toy “entertaining” function, to cultivate the child’s six major abilities – cognition, communication, creativity, emotional expression, sports, social, and enhance parent understanding of children , And found their children’s interest, expertise and potential.

For example, in the ability to communicate for children on a number of activities planned, there are brand-painted music introduced by the “Mr. Crayon quick answer”, the brand think-tank plan “brain melon memory card” game and can be children’s ” See figure to guess children “activities, these activities are rich in content, fun, and can fully mobilize the child’s desire to communicate, exercise their ability to communicate. Moreover, the exercise activities of the child’s communication skills and exercise children cognitive, physical, emotional expression and other activities with each other to enhance the overall quality of the child.

For many 0-12-year-old parent-child families, usually rare to have the opportunity to parents and children enough to accompany and exchange. In Shanghai, children will be able to show their innocence, show their talents, show their talents and enhance their abilities. Parents will further exchange their experiences through “interaction between children and parents, family and family”. Consolidate Harmonious Equality of Parent – child Relationship.

Even more surprising is that this year’s Shanghai Fair will launch the “Autumn experience affordable purchase” activities, large discount line called the “double eleven.” Parents can seize the opportunity to buy and buy, will be the most suitable for their children’s toys to take home, so that children in the process of playing the game to enhance communication and communication capabilities, but also the warmest companions to stay around, it will be Parents give their children the most beautiful gift.

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Shanghai: Protecting the Soil Environment from beginning

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“Who is responsible for pollution, who use, who is responsible for”, in accordance with the “Measures” provides that the Shanghai business land and industrial land to “full life cycle management, according to the stage of monitoring the implementation of the principle of land reserve, (Including the land reserve institution) shall organize the completion of soil environmental investigation and assessment, and apply to the environmental protection department. If it is determined that there is pollution and needs to be repaired, it shall bear the responsibility and expenses for the remediation of soil environment so as to meet environmental protection requirements.
Explore the “full life cycle” of the road
As early as 2014, Shanghai began to industrial land “full life cycle” management.
Shanghai Municipal Planning Bureau of Land and Resources at the time requirements, to the new supply of industrial land industry projects, industrial land standard plant class, R & D headquarters industrial projects, research and development headquarters general class are included in the whole life cycle management, the project construction investment, production Environmental protection, employment and other factors into the contract management, in order to achieve land use management systematization, meticulous, dynamic, and promote the sustainable development of the city.
For example, one of the “land transferee by the start, completion, commissioning time to pay performance bond”, industry analysts believe that this provision can better supervise the assignee to develop and construct as soon as possible to promote the project put into production landing, Resource utilization efficiency.
Shanghai was also established industrial land use performance evaluation system, respectively, in the production stage, up to the third year after production and the next every 3 years, one year before the expiry of the transfer period and other stages of the shanghai escort performance of enterprises such as land use performance Assessment, the results will directly determine whether the enterprise can continue to use land. It is noteworthy that, in the “full life-cycle” management of industrial land, Shanghai has put forward the principle of “polluter pays”, which requires the transfer of industrial land use right, the land before and periodic assessment, Groundwater geological environmental quality testing, causing environmental pollution should be responsible for repair.
One year after the implementation of the whole life-cycle management of industrial land, Shanghai issued “Several Provisions on Strengthening the Management of Land for Business Land Use in the Municipality (Trial)”.
According to the “Regulations”, business, office, commercial housing and other business land is also the implementation of the whole life cycle management, project construction, functional realization, operation and management, energy saving and environmental protection and other economic, social and environmental elements into the contract management, land use management Systematic, refined, dynamic.
For example, the “regulations” that the transfer should be based on the control of detailed planning to determine the land transfer of land use, mixed with the proportion of building volume, floor area ratio, building height, residential units, public space and other transfer conditions, such as a clear society Parking, community public service facilities, property buildings and other public facilities construction requirements.
This regulation also introduces the principle of “who pollutes, who governs” and emphasizes that after the land is sold, if the pollution occurs during the use, it should bear the related expenses of investigation and evaluation of the geological environment of soil and groundwater.
This year, after the introduction of new management methods, after three years of exploration, Shanghai environmental protection, soil and soil two departments make concerted efforts to truly achieve the industrial land and operating land full coverage, all elements, the whole process of life cycle management.
Shanghai Land Bureau officials said that at present, Shanghai land resources is extremely scarce. The implementation of the whole life-cycle management of land is conducive to soil pollution from the source to improve the efficiency of land use, to promote all types of enterprises to attach importance to land resources, and promote the birth of the city’s outstanding buildings, protection and continuity, enhance the overall urban construction quality and service management functions.
Environmental protection, soil regulation together grasping
The whole life cycle management of soil environment, is to improve the quality and efficiency of land use for the purpose of land transfer contract as a platform for the use of the project within the land use period to implement the whole process of dynamic assessment and supervision.
Shanghai introduced the management approach, the integration of Environmental Protection Agency, Planning and Land Resources Authority is responsible for two functional departments. “Measures” provides that the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is responsible for the development and improvement of operational land and industrial land life cycle management of soil environmental protection management system and standards, strengthen the site environment assessment expert database management, and soil environmental investigation and evaluation, Unit management.
The new “approach” will be the land bank, renewal and recovery of classified management. For example, the “approach” that the reserves required for the management of industrial land and industrial land, the original land use rights should be organized to carry out soil environmental investigation and assessment, and the investigation and assessment materials submitted to the local (county) Environmental Protection Agency, the environmental protection department Where there is pollution and needs to be managed and repaired, the land use right person shall organize the implementation of restoration and meet the environmental protection requirements. The original land-use right may, in consultation with the land reserve institution, determine that the land bank is responsible for the implementation of the soil environmental investigation and assessment and remediation work, and the relevant liability and obligations in the purchasing and storage compensation agreement shall be clarified, and the related expenses shall be deducted from the purchasing and storage compensation fund. Shoufu compensation agreement agreed by the land reserve agency is responsible for carrying out soil environmental investigation and evaluation and rehabilitation work, the associated costs can be included in the cost of land reserves.
In addition, the “approach” also requires environmental protection departments should strengthen the routine inspection of soil environment, strengthen industrial enterprises environmental regulation, to prevent soil pollution. The results of land survey, assessment, rehabilitation and rehabilitation of land reserve, transfer, recovery and renewal can be used as one of the evaluation criteria for environmental impact of construction projects.
Construction of dynamic monitoring network
Land use is a dynamic process. To have a clear understanding of land use and soil conditions in the whole life-cycle management, a dynamic monitoring network is needed to capture the relevant data in real time.
This reporter has learned that, at present, Shanghai soil environmental monitoring network has been initially formed, and in improving. The whole of Shanghai is divided into nearly 7000 area of 1 square kilometers of grid, each grid is equipped with a monitoring point, to the soil “medical examination”.
Among them, soil pollution control has become the focus of ecological and environmental monitoring. At present, the Shanghai soil environmental monitoring network has covered the city’s various land types. Monitoring indicators include 54 inorganic indicators, and plans to increase the organic PAHs, organochlorine pesticides and other organic indicators, according to the frequency of once every four years, the implementation of the monitoring of the city-wide coverage.
Shanghai Geological Survey and Research Institute, the person in charge, covering the whole city-wide groundwater environmental monitoring network is also planned to be completed in 2018, in order to monitor the status of shallow groundwater for long-term monitoring, ecological protection and even urban security escort.
Shanghai Municipal Planning Bureau official said that they will work closely with the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Agriculture and other departments to integrate and improve the city’s soil and groundwater environmental monitoring network, forming the city’s unified monitoring network, unified standards, unified information Sharing platform, a unified implementation of the policy system. ” In addition, in order to strengthen the soil environmental protection, Shanghai will also establish the soil and groundwater environmental quality files, soil and groundwater environmental quality indicators, will also be incorporated into the protection of cultivated land content.
Shanghai Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference member Cuihai Ling said that the environmental monitoring system has set the framework, which find out the environmental protection “family property” very helpful, then to focus on strengthening the analysis of monitoring data, “through scientific research on the data to understand the problem, Conducive to finding a solution to the problem. “

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Shanghai International Dance Center

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Danish Prince Hamlet sitting corner, behind the palace is a grand wedding: toe light, skirt spinning, the stage of the warm dance burning the floor … … This is the last night in the new Shanghai International Dance Center staged open Taiwan performance, original dance “Hamlet” in a very dazzling and full of dramatic expression of the scene. Night in the bright “Crystal Palace” lit Shanghai West Art Sky, Shanghai has added a world-class theater.

Architectural technology: “green lung” in the dance center, history and fashion blend

From the elevated point of view, four new buildings hide Yanhong green: beige and light gray clay wall, mashup full of modern hyperboloid aluminum, sketched out a series of smart as dance shoes ribbons architectural curves. This is located in Yanhong green Shanghai International Dance Center. City “green lung”, the historical architecture and fashion theater, traditional and modern, past and present, perfectly integrated.

As is located in the historical style of protected areas, the center of the highest building can only be 24 meters, and 6 protected buildings to be retained, and even a region within the trees are not less. In order to meet the two groups of two schools and two theaters teaching, rehearsals, performances and operational needs, the designer after several times the design, demonstration, overturned, and ultimately the formation of this ground 42,100 square meters, 41,400 square meters of underground construction pattern .

In this 8.35 million square meters of the field, contains 48 practice room, a thousand theater and an experimental theater. Two groups of two schools of all actors, students will live here, practice dance, learning. The future, there will be dancers from around the world in this intersection of a different kind of spark.

Domestic ballet drama creation and research, or a piece of land to be reclaimed. In the dance center of Building 7, will set up a “master studio.” A group of young shanghai massage girls and middle-aged artists, led by Xin Lili and Huang Douban, will study Chinese original dance and contemporary dance.

Chen Ping, president of the National Grand Theater, saying: “I do not see a separate dance center, but behind the whole city’s cultural holistic view of cultural facilities for systematic planning, professional-level positioning, so conception , Shanghai is the first in the country.

Opening performance: Shanghai Ballet, engraved under the British tragedy produced power

Afternoon rehearsal, the reporter found in the crowd at the scene of the head of the busy Xinli Li figure. She also directed the lights to the actors on stage to play catching light; a while and entrusted the stage to the dry ice institutions a little bit; while also down the stairs of the theater a few guidelines on the ground arrows, worried that “This arrow will not be too bright, The audience line of sight … … “At the last moment before the start of the show, the Shangba team is still in order to achieve the best results and excellence to seize every detail bit run.

When the curtain call, the audience a long warm applause, so that all the pay have become very worthwhile. “Too beautiful!” “This is a world-class dance!” People praise with emotion. As a salute to Shakespeare, the ballet Hamlet was created by the international ballet masters and the former artistic director of the British National Ballet Derek Dean for the Shanghai Ballet to create the complex character of the classical ballet body vocabulary, To simple and very dramatic drama structure Acura personality dignity and human brilliance. Elegant and delicate Shanghai Ballet in the British refined carved under the tragic power of stirring.

“Hamlet” stage design simple and full of modern, costumes are also quite style. Prince Hamlet in black shirts, jeans, and his magnificent palace and the people around them dressed in costumes contrast, out of tune. Derek said that such a costume implies “Hamlet is a no era, or belong to any era.” At the same time, modern choreography has also rendered the motif of “survival”, “perish”, “confrontation” and “conspiracy” very intense.

The performance of the lineup, Hamlet by the Shanghai Ballet, the national level actor Wu Hu Sheng; Shanghai Ballet chief, national first-class actor Fan Xiaofeng starred in Jody Lund; not long ago just in the fifth Shanghai International Ballet Competition on adult women Group of the Qi Baixue gold medal play Ophelia. Mesozoic artists and outstanding young actors on stage intertwined, can be expected, Shanghai’s ballet art will be here with a new light.

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Shanghai FTA foreign exchange business

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From three years of practice, the Shanghai FTA foreign exchange business innovation is not only consistent with the FTA goal, but also reflects the direction of foreign exchange management system reform.

February 28, 2014, in order to implement the “financial support China (Shanghai) free trade zone construction views”, to support the construction of Shanghai Free Trade Area, the Shanghai branch of foreign exchange bureau formally issued “foreign exchange management support experimental zone construction details “In accordance with the service entity economy, deepen the reform of foreign exchange management, effective risk prevention,” mature one, to promote a “principle, the Shanghai FTA implemented the following innovative initiatives: First, simplify the current project settlement, Audit. Banks shall follow the procedures of “Know Your Customer”, “Understand Your Business”, and “Due Diligence”, etc .; the second is to simplify the procedures for foreign exchange registration for direct investment, foreign exchange registration and change under direct investment The registration of decentralization to the bank for the implementation of foreign-invested enterprises will exchange foreign exchange capital; third is to relax external debt management. Canceling the external guarantee and paying the guarantee fee to the foreign country for administrative examination and approval, relaxing the upper limit of the amount of overseas foreign exchange loans by the enterprises in the zone, canceling the examination and approval of the overseas financial leasing claims and allowing the domestic financial leasing business to collect foreign currency rents; Foreign currency pool and international escort in shanghai trade settlement center of foreign exchange management pilot policy to relax the conditions of pilot enterprises to simplify the approval process and account management; Fifth is to improve the settlement and sale of foreign exchange management to facilitate the banks to carry out the region for customers of commodity derivatives counter transactions.

December 17, 2015, in order to better serve the national strategy of Shanghai FTA, SAFE Shanghai Branch has issued “to further promote China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Area of foreign exchange management reform pilot implementation details. This is the first implementation rule promulgated after the issuance of the “Free Trade Area 40” of the Shanghai FTA, focusing on the implementation of the following four innovative initiatives: First, allow enterprises in the region (excluding financial institutions) to implement foreign exchange funds, Second, to further simplify the procedures for foreign exchange receipts and payments of the current account, and to allow foreign exchange earnings of enterprises of Class A in the area of foreign exchange administration of goods in foreign trade without opening an account to be verified; and third, to support the development of headquarters economy And settlement centers to ease the access conditions of centralized operation and management of foreign exchange funds of multinational companies and further simplify the management of capital pools. Fourthly, it supports banks to develop RMB and foreign exchange derivative products services and allow regional banks to handle RMB and foreign exchange derivatives transactions for overseas institutions.

The series of innovative measures, not only embodies the concept of foreign exchange management and the way of change, also in line with the overall requirements of the FTA construction. First, foreign exchange management services to open up a new situation in the real economy, the first to give the FTA foreign exchange capital and foreign exchange funds of foreign exchange settlement autonomy. To facilitate the financial leasing foreign exchange management, to support the rapid development of Shanghai finance leasing industry. To encourage enterprises to make full use of both domestic and foreign resources, two markets to facilitate cross-border investment and financing; Second, continue to promote decentralization, to further reduce foreign exchange administrative approval, simplify business processes, and enhance trade and investment facilitation. Thirdly, to create a better policy environment for the centralized operation and management of multinational corporations’ funds, and to improve the efficiency of capital operation of multinational corporations and to promote the concentration of headquarters economy. Fourthly, to improve the efficiency of foreign exchange management, Is to further expand the scope of services in the area of foreign exchange banking business, the first to allow foreign banks in the region for foreign institutions in accordance with the relevant provisions of the RMB and foreign exchange derivative transactions, help enterprises to avoid exchange rate risk.

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Is the Shanghai economy stable?

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Statistics experts, and consistent with the national situation, exports rebounded since the second half of this year to Shanghai’s economic operation has maintained steady growth in one of the important reasons. From the export structure, Shanghai general trade exports increased by 1.7%, processing trade exports fell 10.4%, processing trade and general trade shift, showing that Shanghai’s industrial structure in the low-end labor-intensive processing industry to reduce the proportion, Quality and higher efficiency of the industry instead.

In the service sector, this year, Shanghai has maintained a rapid growth rate in the first quarter of Shanghai’s tertiary industry accounted for the proportion of GDP for the first time more than 70%. In the market consumption, 1-8 months of total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 7.9%, reflecting the true data of the market consumption of key data, Shanghai and the country in recent years have maintained steady growth.

The author pointed out that the social service industry in Shanghai cultural and entertainment industry profits plummeted, in order to explain the development of Shanghai social services problems. However, in the first seven months of this year, leasing and escort shanghai business services accounted for half of the social services sector, operating profit increased by 1.6%, accounting for 10% of the scientific research and technical service industry operating profit growth of 55.5%; and culture, sports and entertainment Industry operating profit of 240 million yuan, accounting for social services operating profit of two thousandths, its profit decline in the overall profitability of the service industry can be negligible. Statistics experts pointed out that the culture, sports and entertainment industry is to meet the people’s spiritual and cultural needs, profit is not its main purpose, while 1-7 months in the field of operating income increased 24%, indicating that culture, sports, entertainment prices, But the industry is thriving and serves more people than ever before.

Shanghai’s economic growth for the relies on real estate argument, the statistical data also prove that the lack of basis for judgments. In August this year, subject to a number of market factors, the Shanghai housing prices did appear a relatively fast rise. But in August Shanghai new commercial residential sales area of 1.5577 million square meters, down 2.7%; 1-8 months, the city’s new commercial residential sales area increased 9.1% growth rate down 1.9 percentage points.
Shanghai real estate industry’s role in driving the economy in the end how high? The first half of this year, the Shanghai real estate industry added value in the city’s GDP accounted for 6.3%, down 0.5 percentage points last year. The growth rate of added value of the real estate industry is also slowing down. In the first half of this year, the value-added of the real estate industry was 82.131 billion yuan, up 6.9 percent year-on-year, 0.3 percentage points lower than the same period last year and 2.1 percentage points lower than last year. From the data, the Shanghai economy in the stock market, real estate declined in the case of steady growth, indicating that the real economic foundation is still solid, good momentum of development. For example, the tertiary industry in Shanghai, the first half of information transmission, software and information technology services value-added growth is much higher than the real estate industry, second only to the financial industry, the Internet and the integration of all walks of life development, supporting the formation of new economic growth power.
From the statistics department of industry, consumption, foreign trade, investment and other core data, the Shanghai economic operation from January to August remained stable in the second half since July, some indicators have declined, but in August was warmer, the short-term Fluctuations have not changed the trend of steady macroeconomic growth this year. At the same time, the Shanghai economy and the country is similar to the smooth in the face of various pressures and challenges, such as manufacturing is still in the throes of transformation and upgrading, the scale of emerging industries is still relatively limited, the international economic environment is still not optimistic about the recent housing prices Rapid rise is also the economic operation of the problem is difficult to avoid. Faced with the problem, Shanghai insisted on innovation, deepening reform, to push forward the supply side structural reform, complement the short-term stability of the economy.

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Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development

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Innovation is the first driving force to lead the development. Today, Shanghai has accelerated the construction of a globally influential science and technology innovation center, launched a series of fruitful innovation activities, to guide the construction of the system innovation, and accumulated valuable experience in the pilot.

Extend the chain of innovation

At the Fourth Session of the 14th National People’s Congress held in Shanghai in early 2016, Mayor Yang Xiong said that Shanghai will build a comprehensive innovation and reform pilot zone this year, which will give full play to the advantages of “three-zone linkage” and further stimulate the whole society. Shanghai in the Kechuang Center construction, firmly grasp the law of science and technology innovation and development trend, for the past, “there is no technology research and development, technology without test, there is no test industry, there is no industry, industry,” the fragmented, fragmented Pattern, is committed to creating interactive collaborative innovation chain, so that the formation of chain of scientific and technological innovation chain reaction and interaction.

From the trend of technological innovation in developed countries, whether it is supply-driven innovation model or demand-driven innovation model, or supply and demand combination of innovation or system integration and innovation, are built on research and shanghai escort service development, demonstration applications, industrialization and commercialization Technology diffusion and other key aspects of the composition of the chain of scientific and technological innovation on the basis of.

Therefore, Shanghai also strive to build their own innovation chain. For example, in support of Shanghai, Beidou navigation series of enterprises is no longer go it alone, but even the strings, formed into films, to achieve group development. Shanghai satellite navigation positioning industry technology innovation strategic alliance Secretary-General Lu Xinghai said, Beidou navigation system in the application is gradually narrowing the gap with the international advanced level, basic research is also a breakthrough, another 2 to 3 years, Beidou system can International counterparts one to compete. Shanghai Qingpu District, said Xiajia home, Shanghai will be based in Hongqiao base for the base, and further attract Beidou navigation related businesses settled. Under the leadership of these high-tech enterprises, the Shanghai navigation industry output value in 2015 reached 6 billion yuan, this year is expected to grow more than 20%.

From the point of the line to break the bottleneck of fragmented innovation, Shanghai to enhance innovation capacity as the main line, to promote the continuous development and extension of innovation chain; commitment to institutional innovation, from the source of scientific and technological resource allocation system, highlighting the interests of innovation chain coordination , Emphasizing the innovation chain interaction, focusing on the source and focus of the innovation chain, and further enhance the participation of the main body of the innovative power, innovation and innovation vitality.

Shanghai Free Trade Area, Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone, the two major strategies in Shanghai Pudong with the floor. Shanghai people see one of the multiplier effect, homeopathy proposed “double self-linkage”, which once again ushered in Pudong, a reform and innovation opportunities.

In an interview with reporters, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Administrative Director Shen Xiaoming repeatedly referred to a term called “CMO” term, that is, “biological pharmaceutical contract production.” “Since the second half of last year, the international drug licensing system in Shanghai and other 10 provinces and cities pilot, the pilot is based on CMO, located in Shanghai Zhangjiang multinational pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim is the first to carry out CMO Pilot enterprises, the pilot project is the first product of a new anti-tumor immunity. “Shen Xiaoming said that through the biopharmaceutical contract production of this innovative model, you can help more biopharmaceutical production and listing of new products, so that patients get more High-quality innovative bio-medicine.

Through the “dual self-linkage”, Shanghai is the innovation chain and value chain organic combination, so as to play a multiplier effect of innovation-driven development.

Innovation-driven ultimately reflected in the development of economic strength and value form, the application of innovative achievements in the creation of wealth value is a measure of scientific and technological innovation center of one of the important criteria. In addition to promoting the “double self-linkage”, Shanghai in the Kechuang Center building, but also through the chain of funds effective docking innovation chain, catalyzing innovation and industrialization; implementation of enterprise independent innovation ability and value chain to enhance the organic integration, leading the industry high-end value chain ; With the “Internet +” platform to promote the “four new” economy.

Enhance the comprehensive function

With the improvement of innovation level, more and more people realize that to adapt to the increasingly specialized, high-end and integrated trend of modern scientific and technological innovation, it is necessary to build a strong functional supporting service system to provide the whole process of innovation activities Services and complex services. Therefore, Shanghai to promote the construction of a global science and technology center, not in a certain area of the city to build a “special zone”, but the innovative city construction as a carrier, the whole city to participate in the city to build.

Shanghai also emphasized that it is necessary to break down the institutional barriers to administrative division and self-closure, promote the shanghai outcall massage development of specialized and socialized science and technology service institutions, promote the development of science and technology innovation services oriented to the market and enterprises, and enhance the integrated innovation function of the center.

For example, Yangpu District, Shanghai inherited and carried forward the “three areas of integration, linkage development,” the characteristics of advantages, in docking national innovation strategy initiative, focus on building in the Yangtze River Delta, national and global influential innovation results distribution center node; Jiading Xuhui District make full use of “Internet + services” and “Internet + governance” to focus on the creation of space to focus on creating a unique space, New model to support the public entrepreneurship, Peoples innovative application of innovation, technology innovation and good service and support.

On the whole, Shanghai has broken the traditional narrow layout and pattern marked by several hi-tech parks or science and technology parks, fully exerting the active role of the construction of Kechuang Center in innovation-oriented city construction, taking scientific and technological innovation as the direction of urban development, Into the core functions of the city, according to the different location and development basis of rational division of labor, the formation of distinctive innovative business bearing area.

Integration into the global network

Nowadays, from the trend of distributed and integrated evolution of the innovation organization model, the open innovation based on the global science and technology innovation network is becoming the mainstream of the future innovation mode.

At this point, the development of large aircraft in China is particularly evident. Vice President of Shanghai Commercial Aircraft Design and Research Institute, C919 aircraft project executive director Han Ke-cen said that after 40 years of exploration, civil aircraft manufacturing has finally explored a set of “main manufacturers – suppliers” aircraft development model.

For C919 engines and major airborne systems, China Commercial Flight requires foreign suppliers to establish joint ventures or cooperation with domestic related enterprises to enhance the proportion of domestic production. Sixteen joint ventures have been established, involving avionics, flight control, power supply, fuel and hydraulic Systems. This business model innovation, marks the Chinese commercial aircraft development concept is undergoing profound changes, the original “independent research” and “international cooperation” concept has been a new integration.

In the course of the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, Shanghai will integrate itself into the global science and technology innovation network, build a comprehensive national science center, rely on major science and technology infrastructure, integrate internal and external innovation resources, adopt trust mechanism, mortgage mechanism and power mechanism And incentive mechanism for comprehensive management, and actively maintain the stability and effectiveness of innovation network, give full play to innovative resources in the network continue to learn the transfer of multiplier effect, at a higher starting point to promote independent innovation.

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China (Shanghai) free trade zone

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September 29, will usher in China (Shanghai) free trade zone listed on the third anniversary of the test, as the first test a free trade zone, Shanghai free trade zone on the test system innovation, financial reform, management bold attempt to form a It can be extended to a number of effective experience of other FTA test area. Construction Bank Shanghai Branch, vice president of Wuyi Jiang said that three years of free trade financing accounts over 560 billion yuan in Shanghai FTA pilot area.
Vice President FTA Shanghai Lixin Accounting Institute of Finance Xiao Hua in an interview with this reporter, said Shanghai FTA pilot area was established three years, mainly in the financial regulatory reform is to hold regional systemic risk does not occur as a precondition, steady promote capital account convertibility and opening up the financial services sector, we made a more significant results. Free cross-border trade account liquidity regulatory practices, not only for low-cost funds into the foreign shanghai escorts enterprises in the area of convenience, but also to prevent the risk of cross-border capital flows, to other FTA test area has a certain reference.
Reporters learned that, as of the end of July 2016, the number of banking institutions Shanghai Free Trade test area a total of 464, 34 more than last month increase in April Shanghai Free Trade test area expanding area, including branches and agencies amounted to more than 164.
Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau released the latest data show that Shanghai FTA pilot area banking running smoothly, free trade is more concentrated business focus, cross-border lending, total assets and total liabilities under FT term growth momentum has been maintained.
Wuyi Jiang said that the three years to create a new account free trade zone in Shanghai Free Trade test (abbreviated FT accounts) Ultra 55000, FT account financing over 560 billion yuan.

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