Austrian Culture Day Was Held At Shanghai

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Austrian Culture Day Was Held At Shanghai

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“2016 International Jingan Culture Year and Austrian Culture Day” was jointly organized by the Austrian Consulate General in Shanghai and Shanghai Hyun World Culture Promotion Center in Shanghai Jing’an Park.

Austrian known as the heart of Europe, with beautiful lakes and mountains, magnificent castle palace, elegant atmosphere of classical music.

The Austrian cultural day highlights the different types of music and dance performances and photography exhibition to show Austria’s colorful culture and the arts, the public can not Shanghai, appreciate the variety of food from Austria to the tongue on the experience “Approached Austria”, a taste of its splendid culture style.

At the same time the Austrian cultural day activities also introduced Austria Sisi princess, Austrian classical music prodigy Mozart and many other famous characters. Showing a variety of Austrian non-material cultural heritage, performing brilliant.

The organizers also invited the former US president to play in the Shanghai foreign orchestra live classical European classical music repertoire, as well as music, arts and social welfare as one of the charity platform EPPI Austria pop music performances, to increase the cultural activities Points and highlights.

On the same day, the Commercial Office of the Austrian Consulate General in Shanghai provided all relevant information on Austrian tourism and other aspects. The Vienna Tourism Board and the Tourism Commission of Tirol distributed brochures and small gifts to the visitors, and the Shanghai Austria Center (Student Exchange Office ) Provides information on studying German in Shanghai, obtaining German language certificates and studying in Austria, and arranging to introduce visitors to “Austrian German”, as well as knowledge contest, lottery and so on.

Shanghai Hyun World Culture Promotion Center and the Austrian Consul General in Shanghai, the Austrian Deputy Consul in Shanghai and Jing’an District Government relevant person in charge of the event, they hope that through the activities of urban tourism, cultural and creative related developments.

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