Shanghai International Dance Center

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Shanghai International Dance Center

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Danish Prince Hamlet sitting corner, behind the palace is a grand wedding: toe light, skirt spinning, the stage of the warm dance burning the floor … … This is the last night in the new Shanghai International Dance Center staged open Taiwan performance, original dance “Hamlet” in a very dazzling and full of dramatic expression of the scene. Night in the bright “Crystal Palace” lit Shanghai West Art Sky, Shanghai has added a world-class theater.

Architectural technology: “green lung” in the dance center, history and fashion blend

From the elevated point of view, four new buildings hide Yanhong green: beige and light gray clay wall, mashup full of modern hyperboloid aluminum, sketched out a series of smart as dance shoes ribbons architectural curves. This is located in Yanhong green Shanghai International Dance Center. City “green lung”, the historical architecture and fashion theater, traditional and modern, past and present, perfectly integrated.

As is located in the historical style of protected areas, the center of the highest building can only be 24 meters, and 6 protected buildings to be retained, and even a region within the trees are not less. In order to meet the two groups of two schools and two theaters teaching, rehearsals, performances and operational needs, the designer after several times the design, demonstration, overturned, and ultimately the formation of this ground 42,100 square meters, 41,400 square meters of underground construction pattern .

In this 8.35 million square meters of the field, contains 48 practice room, a thousand theater and an experimental theater. Two groups of two schools of all actors, students will live here, practice dance, learning. The future, there will be dancers from around the world in this intersection of a different kind of spark.

Domestic ballet drama creation and research, or a piece of land to be reclaimed. In the dance center of Building 7, will set up a “master studio.” A group of young shanghai massage girls and middle-aged artists, led by Xin Lili and Huang Douban, will study Chinese original dance and contemporary dance.

Chen Ping, president of the National Grand Theater, saying: “I do not see a separate dance center, but behind the whole city’s cultural holistic view of cultural facilities for systematic planning, professional-level positioning, so conception , Shanghai is the first in the country.

Opening performance: Shanghai Ballet, engraved under the British tragedy produced power

Afternoon rehearsal, the reporter found in the crowd at the scene of the head of the busy Xinli Li figure. She also directed the lights to the actors on stage to play catching light; a while and entrusted the stage to the dry ice institutions a little bit; while also down the stairs of the theater a few guidelines on the ground arrows, worried that “This arrow will not be too bright, The audience line of sight … … “At the last moment before the start of the show, the Shangba team is still in order to achieve the best results and excellence to seize every detail bit run.

When the curtain call, the audience a long warm applause, so that all the pay have become very worthwhile. “Too beautiful!” “This is a world-class dance!” People praise with emotion. As a salute to Shakespeare, the ballet Hamlet was created by the international ballet masters and the former artistic director of the British National Ballet Derek Dean for the Shanghai Ballet to create the complex character of the classical ballet body vocabulary, To simple and very dramatic drama structure Acura personality dignity and human brilliance. Elegant and delicate Shanghai Ballet in the British refined carved under the tragic power of stirring.

“Hamlet” stage design simple and full of modern, costumes are also quite style. Prince Hamlet in black shirts, jeans, and his magnificent palace and the people around them dressed in costumes contrast, out of tune. Derek said that such a costume implies “Hamlet is a no era, or belong to any era.” At the same time, modern choreography has also rendered the motif of “survival”, “perish”, “confrontation” and “conspiracy” very intense.

The performance of the lineup, Hamlet by the Shanghai Ballet, the national level actor Wu Hu Sheng; Shanghai Ballet chief, national first-class actor Fan Xiaofeng starred in Jody Lund; not long ago just in the fifth Shanghai International Ballet Competition on adult women Group of the Qi Baixue gold medal play Ophelia. Mesozoic artists and outstanding young actors on stage intertwined, can be expected, Shanghai’s ballet art will be here with a new light.

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